Why I fell in love with SpaceX?
Thiago Brito
28 de Maio de 2016 3 minutos de leitura

Sometimes in my life I start to talk about something that really get’s my attention, something that I think can change the world in a matter that is fast and really hard to follow.

SpaceX is not only a company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. They also show how big companies must work hard in order to get things done!

Here is what I think they do that is better than NASA and other companies around the world and you must start doing an analysis to see if you can do something like this in your company right now too.

They are agile

When I say agile I mean that they work incrementally, learning a lot during the process, figuring out how to change the status quo. They aren’t a software company where it’s common to use Agile Methodologies. It’s hard to see in a rocket industry where there is a lot of regulations, money and risk involved, always trying new things and doing experiments in order to improve their results.

When Ellon Musk started to create the SpaceX, he put everyone together in the same big room, hardware guys working with software guys in order to get a multidisciplinary team that was focused in to solve problems that they faced in a short time and really tiny budget.

This team integration is very clear in the results in every launch attempt. For example, at the first successful landing they had problems to make the live stream work from the “Of course we still love you” drone ship, but on the last attempt they successfully showed the first stage landing live, from the rocket point of view!

Every single launch they are pushing forward and trying new things.

They need to change the rules of the game in the industry

At the beginning of SpaceX, the budget was really tiny and they had only 4 attempts to succeed. If they failed they would go bankrupt. The team had to be focused and play smart to stay alive.

Even today, they stay focused decreasing the rocket price and keep innovative and efficient. They just don’t stop after success.

Even with the community saying that it’s impossible to reuse the first stage they kept working to make it possible. They already have the cheapest rocket in the market and this year they will reuse Falcon 9's first stage after a lot of successful landings.

They are prepared to fail

The video about the Falcon 9 development shows that they failed a lot before the first successful landing, but even after a lot of successful landing attempts they continue to say that it’s an “experimental landing”.

Also, they are improving each launch not only at the landing side but also internally with different and more efficient components. This year, every attempted launch was successful!

Of course, they don’t want to fail, but they know that there is always a risk in this kind of business. What do they do? They make a lot of experimentation and simulations in order to reduce the risks and also trying new things. But if they fail, they focus to improve the process and keep going.

SpaceX is changing the way things are done in the rocket industry and I know that everyone should look inside this company and learn a lot with them. They have been working hard to make the impossible possible and they are achieving this. How about your company? Are you working hard and smart to achieve your results?